About Us

FAST Debt Managers Limited is a wholly Zambian owned firm duly registered in 2015 and incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Zambia, as Fast Debt Managers Ltd.
To Provide Reliable Debt Management and Recovery Debt Solutions.
To be the leading debt management and recovery solutions provider.
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Our Services

Credit Management
This includes the service of Accounts receivables or otherwise known as credit control via call centre based or field collections. We manage the collections process from day old credit invoices are issued while monitoring controls set by the company. This service is offered in two ways: (i) As a business outsourcing service (ii) As an external credit management service
Debt Collection
Debt collection involves general measures taken to collect money owed by late payers (live debtors). This service is suitable but not limited to invoice monitoring, tracking, follow ups, insurance premium collection, in-store account collection, loan/mortgage installment collection, credit card collection, etc..
Debt Recovery
Debt recovery is the recovery of debt after the debt has been written off from the company/clients books, Fast-Debt takes on a step by step procedure to successfully recover this debt.
Debt Underwriting
A fairly new service offered by Fast-Debt that allows the client to consciously take more calculated risk with peace of mind considering Fast-Debt will underwrite the debt thereby providing assurance that the debt will be collected in the agreed period.
Skip Trace/ Investigation
Through our specialised and highly trained investigations team, we offer debtor investigation as well as skip trace services.
Rental Collection
Fast-Debt ensure that tenants comply to the terms and conditions of their contract with the landlord by collecting rentals payments immediately when they are due and failure to do so results in surcharges or other procedural means in order to make the collection.
Debt Clinic/ Counselling
As part of our CSR Fast-Debt offers debt management training/ Education or awareness programs.
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